Oct 2020

Tips for finding the best packers and movers in Delhi NCR


Searching a relocation service provider for packing and moving the household is not an impossible task to perform as there are a lot of chances available in the market these days. You could pick up anyone among them, and they would be glad to provide you with their services. But the main problem raises while choosing the right one for your move.

The trouble with choice

A quick Google search of the term “professional packers and movers” returns about 69,50,000 results. So what can you do? You can pick the first three results, or first five, and if you are lucky you can get in touch with a good moving company in Delhi. You can then check their website and go through the details; when impressed, you can submit your requirement but the worst part is yet to come. 

After choosing one of the movers in Delhi, some can turn out to be not professional, or worse, fraudulent. They may use inexperienced workers leading to major damages to your things; they may even disappear with your money, documents & belongings. Imagine the stress after that! So it is very important to know how to find a professional and best relocation company for your shifting in Delhi.

Tips for choosing professional packers and movers in Delhi

Find through moving reference portal

The smartest and easiest method to find genuine movers in Delhi is by searching through a moving reference portal. There are some good moving reference portals of Delhi available on the internet like AssureShift. 

After submitting the requirement form, your details will be shared with the verified movers listed for Delhi, based on your requirement. In a few minutes, you will quickly get their moving quotation within your budget.

Find by our own

Get references from your friends and relatives

You can contact friends and relatives in your location who have shifted their households recently. Ask for their moving experience for a particular mover in Delhi. Ensure the shifting quality for a damage-free relocation. Compare all the details you have got from them and choose the best one for you.

Conduct proper online research for initial screening

The Internet is a decent place to start with. Use your search engine to find the best packers and movers in Delhi. The first results page will display about 10 relocation companies. However, you need to conduct your own research after that. Visit the websites of the listing company in Delhi one by one and look for the following:

  • Company’s full name and address
  • Genuine website and full information
  • Contact details– both the phone no. and email Id

If you don’t find enough information on their website. You may also use websites such as MouthShut to check for the company's previous performance through their reviews.  

Go deeper with quality scanning

Next, narrow down your list by year of experience and checking Govt. verified certifications like ISO and FIDI-FAIM. If your current search list includes movers in Delhi that do not have the above qualifications which prove quality, strike their names out before getting to the next step.

Visit their office for more clear information: 

Instead of hiring any movers in a hurry, it is very important to meet them personally because face to face talk is always better than dealing on the phone, as you can get correct estimates to complete your moving process, as per your projected budget. You can also quickly get a resolution for all your queries after meeting the mover's team in Delhi, and you can also set a date according to your needs for the pre-move survey.

Finally, get ready for some hands-on experience when you visit the movers in Delhi at their office. Be sure to ask as many questions as possible. In particular, find out details about the employees working there, the insurance facility, and the service guarantee.

  • Crew: Make sure the moving company staff are working under their own payroll. Genuine movers in Delhi will have their own crew instead of hiring from local vendors. 
  • Service guarantee: Enquire about the service guarantee provided by the moving companies in Delhi. The right movers and packers in Delhi will maintain transparency and provide you enough details about their services and customer support.
  • Insurance: Make sure the moving company is providing insurance facility for your precious household belongings.

Check their quotations and hidden charges: 

Many movers in Delhi can increase their shifting rates after seeing the number of your belongings. So, it’s always better to check their rates and discuss their fees after the survey is done. By talking about everything you will get to know if they have any hidden charges in advance or not, you can protect yourself from getting looted. Try to get all your agreements and moving quotes in writing to avoid any last-minute trouble with the movers.

Never pay a big amount earlier: 

Beware of paying the full amount in the beginning, because if you pay a big amount in advance, they may disappear with your money and possessions and never contact you again. So, try to pay the amount in installments as per the tasks completed, and pay the rest after all your items will be delivered safely to your desired location.

You are all set to make your final choice now. Get in touch with the relocation company in Delhi that inspired the most confidence in you and call them to make a house visit or ‘pre-move survey’. Give an inventory list of all the items to be packed and moved, discuss special requirements if any, and get a final quotation before committing to them.

In the next step, confirm your details about relocation such as the date and time. Request a signed order copy and bill of your moving. Now sit back and relax till the moving date.

If you are living in Gurgaon which is close to Delhi you can hire local movers in Gurgaon from there, who can also offer you quality shifting services and fulfil all your movingrequirements at affordable packing moving rates. They will take full responsibility of yourshifting from the start of packing up your household items to transporting them safely to your destination location and even unpacking them at your doorstep.

Updated: 18 Nov 2020
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