Apr 2018

What is Carpet Area?


Carpet Area - The net usable floor area of an apartment, excluding the area covered by the external walls, areas under services shafts, exclusive balcony or veranda area and exclusive open terrace area, but includes the area covered by the internal partition walls of the apartment.

RERA Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 supersedes MOFA - The Maharashtra Ownership of Flats (Regulation of the Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management and Transfer) Act, 1963 in the definition.

Walls: The entire land for the real estate project or where the project is developed in phases and registration under this Act is sought for a phase, the entire land for that phase.

Exclusive Balcony or Veranda Area: Area of the balcony or verandah, as the case may be which is appurtenant (meaning: belonging or pertinent) to the net usable area of an apartment, meant for the exclusive use of the allottee.

Exclusive Open Terrace Area: Means the area of the open terrace which is appurtenant to the net usable area of the apartment, meant for the exclusive use of the allottee.

Internal walls: All walls or independent columns constructed or provided within an apartment shall be regarded as an internal partition wall.

Updated: 03 Apr 2018
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