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Why Vastu is important in choosing a Home?

Why Vastu is important in choosing a Home? Update

Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture which follows Hindu traditional system. It includes certain principles and practices which form an important part while planning any architectural design, be it for residential houses, commercial buildings, town planning, forts or anything. Though it is not mandatory to incorporate but according to the ancient sayings, it brings good fortune. 

The vibes created in a vastu houses are much healthier and happier than the non-vastu buildings. It also gives some form of assurance when you are buying or moving to a new house. Vastu-vidya is a proven science which has the power to manipulate the natural forces in your favor, so as to harmonize and channelize positivity around you and your family members. 

Hyderabad being part of southern India has usually all flats and societies in harmony with the vastu science. So it is a good choice if you are looking for apartments for buy or sale in Hyderabad, which fall under the prime locations of Hyderabad. 

While deciding upon the flats, here are some tips that can help you with good fortune and let the positive energy flow into your house.

  • Good open space

Ensure that there is good open space in and around you with the least number of obstructions. This will allow natural light and air to come in and keep your home fresh and cheerful always. Especially when there are kids in the house, it is very important to have open space. It prevents kids from breaking the interior while playing. They can just play in the open space rather than inside the house. Open space around the house i.e., space between the house and the boundary wall avoids the effects of any vastu dosham of the house. Hence, at least a half feet gap between the house and the boundary wall around the house is recommended. 

  • Greenery

Grow plants in balconies or open spaces of the houses and not in the bedroom. This will help keep the air fresh and unpolluted. Also, the green color is very soothing for the eyes. It not only beautifies the surroundings but also lets goodness enter your home. Make sure you also plant a Tulsi in your home, preferably in the north-east direction. It throws positive energy like anything. Avoid planting thorny plants in the house. Indoor plants like devil’s ivy, peace lilly, Pygmy date palm, rubber fig, etc purify air. Hence, having these plants promotes good health.

  • Soothing interior

 Well, this is something which is completely dependent on personal taste. But still, some tips can work on all the cases. Arrange furniture in circular, square or octagonal shape. Also, you may decorate your walls with beautiful paintings. This will reflect warmth and happiness in your house. Place heavy furniture on in west or south-west direction of the living room. Area in the South-east direction of the living room can be utilized for electronics.

  • Kitchen

A south-east kitchen should always be preferred. This helps sunlight to come in the kitchen through its windows. Never have mirrors in kitchen, it generates negativity, ensure there is good hygiene maintained every time. Have additional space for plants in the kitchen. Having plants in the kitchen adds color to the kitchen. Culinary herbs in the kitchen would be an additional advantage as we can use them in cooking. 

Even if you follow these basic vastu tips, you will have a joyful living in your home. There are many apartments for sale in Hyderabad, which are vastu complained and planned accordingly.

Updated: 7/30/2019 9:45:58 PM
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