Apr 2020

Why real estate is considered to be the best investment?


Why Real Estate is Considered To Be The Best Investment?

Careful deliberation and research shows that Real Estate is the most lucrative long-term investment as copared to other forms, even during tough market conditions.

  • Emotional Quotient: Buying a home is an emotional decision for indians. Real Estate investment provides a sense of security.
  • Insusceptible To Volatile Markets: Real Estate investment is considered as the least volatile asset it remains unaffected due to market fluctuations. This is especially true in the current environment of markets crashing.
  • Affordable Home Loans: Due to the recent repo rate cut by the RBI, Interest Rates have come down to almost 7%, making the home loans cheaper.
  • Hedge Against Inflation: Real Estate assets are widely acclaimed as a Hedge Against Inflation as it is immune to the unstable purchasing power of a rupee.
  • L-Term Tangible Asset: It is a stationary, physical asset that provides Reassurance and Contentment over other Financial Assets, Especially in the Long-Term.
  • Return on Investment: The value Appreciation offered by Real Estate properties makes it appealing for investment. in the Long- Run, Real Estate investments build wealth.
  • Rental Yields: It is believed that rental vields from Real Estate is higher as compared to traditional sources.
  • Asset to Raise Money: Often, Banks prefer Physical Assets, such as Real Estate, in case if a collateral is required to raise Capital.

Updated: 24 Apr 2020

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