Jun 2018

Why should you buy Vianaar Beach Homes in North Goa


Vianaar is Goa's leading real estate development company and is known for building beautiful holiday homes in the serene villages of North Goa. Building quality and premium properties in Goa at great prices is the reason behind Vianaar being formed. It is this vision that drives all its Goa residential projects. Vianaar's hallmark is its unbridled enthusiasm and energy. This can be seen in all its Goa real estate projects, where a huge emphasis is placed on design and quality and fast construction time.

Vianaar is a real estate company that was incorporated in 2007 and within a decade has carved a niche for itself in the Goa real estate market. Till date, it has 25 properties in Goa and every single one of them is known for its stunning designs, luxury and quality construction. These successfully completed Goa residential projects are located in Reis Magos, Salvador Do Mundo and Siolim.

All the projects are designed and executed by the company’s in house construction and design team who ensure that each project has something new to offer. This team is led by an experienced architect and together they work hard to make sure that each of our properties in Goa has perfect aesthetics, balance and form. Eco design plays an important role in all the properties too. There are several superb services that are on offer post construction as well.

The best facilities, fantastic locations, and luxurious homes – Vianaar continues to offer this year after year.

Vianaar has an in house design team that is lead by an individual who has 20 years of design experience. This team handles the interior design and also works together with renowned architects to ensure all Vianaar properties in Goa are in harmony with Goan culture and architecture, thus ensuring that the local ecosystem is not disturbed.

The team at Vianaar makes sure that all our Goa holiday homes are eco-friendly and a number of green initiatives are carried out to this effect. Vianaar not only provides adequate green cover within its Goa residential projects, but also carries out numerous tree plantation drives around its properties in Goa. The company endeavors to create an environment most suitable for its residents- both with respect to large green open spaces as well as the adoption of technologies that help reduce environmental pollution. The company values its relationship with its customers and ensures that it exceeds their expectations by giving them beautiful holiday homes in Goa.

Vianaar also provides a safe and hygienic environment for construction workers and their families. Workers at real estate project sites are given training on health and safety issues. Unskilled and semi-skilled people residing around project sites are also given training, after which they are appointed as gardeners, security guards etc., thus helping them to earn a livelihood and improve their quality of life.

The company has set up its own in house construction team to execute all its projects. This ensures that quality is consistent in all of Vianaar's properties in Goa. It also partners with leading industry professionals to create outstanding projects which speak for themselves in terms of design and quality construction.

There are several reasons to buy luxury beach property in North Goa from Vianaar Homes.

  • Handmade Terrazzo tiles which are handpicked by top designers from Europe.
  • Located minutes away from Candolim and Calungute Beach in North Goa.
  • Boutique apartments and villa projects with resort type homes.

As a Vianaar homeowner, you will have access to the following services: 

  • Property Management
  • 24 Months construction cycle
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Maintenance Team
  • Rental Management Services
  • Vianaar Owner’s Club
  • Airport Pickup and Drop
  • Concierge Desk
  • Speedboat facilities
  • Green Homes
  • The Vianaar App

Updated: 09 Jun 2018
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