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  • "Srishti", 4th Floor, New No : 37, K.B.Dasan Road, Teynampet, Chennai - 600018, Tamil Nadu, India

Shravan Infras Private Limited, is part of 25 year old Shravan group. Shravaninfras vision is to make real estate investments secure, convenient and profitableto like-minded investors.Shravan's unique Real Estate Investment Concept is to leverage the power of crowd sourced money of the like-minded investors to aggregate large land banks and sell commonly as a consolidated large piece of land bank either as developed plots or as a single aggregated piece. Crowd sourced money helps to increase purchasing power and immediate settlement with land owners giving us an invaluable price negotiation tool and aggregated land banking.

This allows us to negotiate with large groups of industry, promoters, builders and private equity players to leverage a higher realization for each unit piece held by individuals. Buy for less and Sell for More through crowd sourcing and aggregation Key to high returns on real estate investments - are macro-economic factors, location, govt plans and development activities, demand and supply situation. Shravan brings its wealth of experience in this area and plays a key role in identifying, negotiating, legally vetting the documents, buying, consolidating more land, maintaining and selling it.

Shravan Infras brings the concept of mutual fund units but with definitely far superior and proven returns on investment. Shravan Infras aim is to provide a very high level of investment security, very transparent dealings through fair trade practices, professional processes and technology enablement.,. Maximizing returns through rigorous, prudent location selection based on solid time tested, proven check lists and validated information base from Govt and Industry leaders


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Shravan Infras Pvt Ltd
"Srishti", 4th Floor, New No : 37, K.B.Dasan Road, Teynampet, Chennai - 600018, Tamil Nadu, India
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