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  • Office 104, 1st floor, Heritage Apartment near V.V.F. Ltd., behind - Nirmal Industrial Estate, Sion (E), Mumbai- 400 022

The Group Is Founded By And Is The Brain Child Of Dynamic, Untiring And Self Motivating Visionary Shri Rajendra M Rajan Who Prior To Venturing Into Real Estate Developments Had Major Exposure In Real Estate. He Have Been Navigating And Managing The Group’s Ventures Professionally Along With A Team Of Qualified Enthusiastic, Committed And Dedicated Live Wire Professionals And Personnels.

The Zest And Zeal Of The Core Group Of Managers Are The Real And Actual Back Bone And Pillars Of The Group . The Golden Mantras Embraced And Adopted By Them Such As“Achieving Excellence”, “ Timely Execution & Completion”, “Maintaining Of Quality” & “ Value For Money “ And Their Dharma Of “Excel Beyond Excellence” Are The Secrets Behind The Group’s Consistent Progress, Growth And Standing Besides Achieving, Attaining And Accomplishing The Tasks Ad Goals Of The Group. During Its Short But Creditable Existence Over A Period Of Decade, The Group Is Successful In Creating Housing Space Over 5 Lakhs Sq. Feet Coupled With Are Coupled With, Exquisite Planning, High Quality Construction And Workmanship. The Entire Factors For Making A Comfortable And Memorable Living Are Minutely And Microscopically Considered And Adhered To Amenities For Comfort Living In And Around Mumbai And Its Extended Suburbs. To Name Few Of The Housing Projects Successfully Completed By The Group “ Prince Regency”, “Aakar”, “Prince City”, “ Prince Plaza”, “Raviraj Palms” Are Undisputedly Landmark And Trend Setting Projects.

The Group Has Ongoing Housing Projects Which Will Be Over 5.00 Lakhs In The Island City Of Mumbai. Every Projects Identified And Executed By The Group Is Choosen And Selected With Minute Care And Meticulous Process While Taking Into Account Of Factors Such As “Convenient Locations”, Accessibility To All Modes Transportation Like Roads, Railway Stations, Airports, Educational Institutions, Entertainment Centers, Emergency Medical Facilities, Instant And Easy Availability Of Daily Necessities Etc. To Put Concisely And Precisely The Group Does Not Leave Any Stone Unturned To Ensure The Living And Habitation In The Projects Of The Group Is Perfectly Comfortable, Memorable And Ever Cherishing. The Group Is Also Committed To Social Causes. In Pursuance To Their Commitment To Such Social Causes, The Group Takes Pride In Claiming That It Is One Of The Pioneers Besides Trendsetters In Field Of Carrying Out And Executing SRA Schemes, Which Is Needless To State Deniably Is An Herculian Task And Cumbersome Job. By This Time, The Group Has Rehabilitated More Than 1,000 Families In Its 4 Nos SRA Projects. Shortly The Number Of Families Rehabilitated By The Group Would Swell In Multiples Of The Abovesaid Numbers.

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Transforming India
Office 104, 1st floor, Heritage Apartment near V.V.F. Ltd., behind - Nirmal Industrial Estate, Sion (E), Mumbai- 400 022
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