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Nov 2017

Join Top Real Estate Groups on Facebook & Whatsapp in India

There are whatsapp‬ group for real estate‬ discussions/news/updates, Real Estate Professionals are requested to save  +91 97167001 Read More

Nov 2017

RERA for Home Buyers

Wondering how the Real Estate Regulation & Development Act (RERA) impacts you as a home buyer? Here are its key fe Read More

Sep 2017

8 Documents You Must Check Before Buying a Property in India

Buying a property in India has never been an easy task. Changing real estate rates, property tax rules and other changes in the industry Read More

Sep 2017

6 Things You Need To Know About The Property You Are Buying

One of the biggest accomplishments for any individual is being able to buy their own home. While buying a home is quite Read More

Jul 2017

Supertech celebrates the launch of GST with zero impact on home buyers across all projects

Supertech celebrates the launch of GST with zero impact on home buyers across all projects. Buy a home and get 100% waiver of GST impact. Subsidy u Read More

Jul 2017

GST and its Impact on Real Estate in India

GST and its Impact on Real Estate in India With GST (Goods & Service Tax) regulation, India is going to experience the most radical t Read More

Jun 2017

A doctor’s waiting room can be more appealing with interior design

Waiting rooms should be designed with the prime objective of making the patient feel as comfortable as possible. They need reassurance of their wel Read More

Jun 2017

The future of Real Estate in the age of social media

The scenario of the real estate market has completely changed today with the advent of the digital age. More consumers are making use of the intern Read More

Jun 2017

How To Prevent Your Property From Being Vandalized

It doesn’t matter where you live — vandalism is always a possibility. Vandals can strike at any time and any place. When they do, it ca Read More

Jun 2017

RERA – How it goes on to affect Real Estate Agents

The second largest job provider, Real Estate in India, is expected to boom further, about 30% in the next decade. While the real estate sector isn& Read More

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